Location-based intelligence
and marketing platform for apps

Engage your users, understanding their profile and where they go

How it works

Platform that allows unprecedented intelligence
and engagement of users of mobile apps.

Understand the users of your app and the places they visit without the need to install hardwares and respecting their privacy.
Engage your users with precise communications, impacting them at the most relevant moments, filtered by profile and location.
Measure the raise in visits and revenue in physical stores, counting the footfall in multiple places.
Create campaigns to customers who have visited selected brick and mortar stores.
7  x
User growth in 2017
30  +
Apps integrated
2  years
since launch
20   M +

Flowsense Push

Have your users not been engaging with your app?

Flowsense brings location-based intelligence and marketing solutions that can help you convert geolocation data into insights to better engage and understand your user

Flowsense Profiles

Profiling analysis
The places we visit on the offline world describe much of our preferences and behavior. With flowsense profiling, you can visualize how the users behave and create relevant segmentations for your business
Behavior Change
Understand when an user is likely to churn and visit potential competitors or substitutes
Silent check-in
Measure visits on your stores, competitors and other points of interests to your business without disturbing the user experience

Place Analytics

Analyze places based on footfall of customers segmented by profile.

Make analyses on demand, according you your business needs, and make better decisions on expansion and marketing strategies.

Understand visits to stores, concentration in points of interest and flow of people in points of sale.

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