Privacy policy

01    Privacy policy

Flowsense is a registered trademark of BLP DEVELOPMENT OF SOFTWARE LTDA. (“BLP”), a limited liability company regularly established at Rua Vicente Leporace, 1220, apartment 91 – Campo Belo / São Paulo – CEP 04619-033, registered at CNPJ/MF under No. 23.745.370 / 0001-53.
FLOWSENSE provides to app developers a system that lets them better understand and engage their app users, enhancing their relationship with those users by increasing app revenue. For this, it is necessary to collect and analyze large volumes of anonymous data from these users.


Information We Collect Through Flowsense Pages
Information provided by you: Personal information request (name, phone, email, city, country, company and title) is done on the official site’s registration page, on capture pages used in campaigns, on dynamic forms on pages of the official website or official Flowsense pages on social networks. Information and contact history are stored securely in specific tools for this purpose. Site navigation information: Flowsense does not use cookies on the website, but third-party analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, make use of this type of anonymous data store, and collect some information such as type of browser, pages visited, duration Internet Protocol (IP) address, geographical location, origin and history of visits. The user can use the incognito window to avoid identification by cookies.


Use of collected data
This privacy policy allows us to use informed data to send information about Flowsense’s services and products, as well as to send periodical newsletter. The user may unsubscribe at any time.


About access to collected data
We do not provide or pass on any collected data to third parties, except as necessary for any third party provider to perform its service, such as sending a newsletter. The data, in general, are accessed only by our team in order to provide a personalized and efficient service. Even though Flowsense has painstakingly chosen to work with industry-leading servers, firewall, and secure data transport protocols (HTTPS), no web services company has a 100% invasion guarantee and we will not be liable if this happens. For this reason, we do not ask for sensitive personal information, such as bank or credit card information.


Social networks shared content
Sharing company material through social networking buttons is done through users’ personal pages. Flowsense does not have access to the login and password of users’ pages on social networks.


Privacy Policy Change
Users will be notified of any changes to the privacy policy through an informational email sent to all users registered in Flowsense database.

02    Information we collect through our SDKs
Our primary input is location data for devices on which apps are installed. Technically, this is the only data we collect, as well as a unique identifier of the device. We can also receive it through our client, on one condition: these data always have to be anonymous. In this category are included profile data such as sex, age, registration number; app usage data; data relevant to our client’s business. This data further helps in creating more accurate targeting and extracting deeper insights about customers.
03    Personal data management
We do not receive any personally identifiable information (PII) from users of our system. We do not have names, emails, document numbers, date of birth, or any other information that allows us to identify the users in our database. All the data we collect and use are strictly anonymous, and are used in the creation of clusters and segmentations of our customer base.
04    How we use data

We use location data to feed algorithms that allow us to segment the customer base in geographic, social, and behavioral terms (buying habits and interests).
Other data we can receive help our client to cross our analyzes with their business reality, arriving at the most relevant segmentations and conclusions.
BLP has a full right to the data it collects, and may use them at its discretion, without limitation, for other commercial uses and analyzes, and may share them with third parties.
We do this for the elaboration of geographic market intelligence studies, mainly frequency of points of interest, in which we aggregate data from all the applications of our base.
For the protection of our customer, when data originating from its users are shared with third parties, BLP must comply with two conditions:


(i) The Partner (customer) responsible for sending the data must not be identified
(ii) The data will be used anonymously, without connection with personally identifiable information of the users.


Both our client and his client have their privacy guaranteed.

05    Data security
Besides taking care of the privacy of our partner data and their clients, we also take care of the technical security of the data we collect. Our systems meet key data security criteria. Our transfer of information takes place through secure protocols, ensured by a Firewall with strict rules and hosted on servers that meet all security requirements.