Flowsense Profiles

Users profile

Flowsense Profiles provides intelligence on the mobile users profile, accessible in dashboard form, heat map with filters and raw data.

Get individual and aggregate analysis of your business application users with behavior change alerts and silent check-ins.

Flowsense tools consume data from any mobile system and you can customize the delivery method: dashboard, heat map with filters, raw data, integrations via API and webhook.

Profiles analysis

Access a dashboard with behavioral and sociodemographic analysis of your consumers, based on the history of visitation to points of interest. View and use consolidated information in a simple and straightforward manner and guide your business strategies.


Better understand your consumer and increase the intelligence of your business;


Know the profile and consumption habits of your customers from the places they frequent;


Orient personalized offers and e-commerce, from the segmentation of consumers into behavioral and sociodemographic categories;


Get data for advanced CRM and increase the engagement of your consumers.

Behavioral changes

Flowsense Profiles feature tracks changes in consumer habits such as job or residence location variance.


Track the behavioral changes of your consumers and plan new business strategies with agility.