How It works

Flowsense connects multiple signals from mobile devices to the physical world, generating smarter geolocation intelligence tools.

With the installation of our SDK, which is smaller than 1MB in size, our customers get access to Flowsense’s multiple intelligence and engagement tools.

To the users of the app our service is essentially transparent, consuming less than 1% of the device’s battery in the whole day.

Mobile devices and mobile apps are where we are, abs where we are tells a lot about who we are – our shopping habits and preferences.

Source of data

The data utilized by Flowsense comes from the GPS of mobile phones, whose owners join our base through a double opt in – respecting their privacy according to GDPR guidelines.

This data is accessed through partnerships with mobile apps that embed our SDK, and crossed with maps and census data.


Flowsense generates dynamic information based on real time location accessed through customers’ smartphones. Dynamic data allows companies to deepen their understanding and relationship with their clients.

Knowing customers’ shopping habits, companies can personalize their engagement by profile, moment and place.


Flowsense’s benefits can be accessed through different interfaces, like dashboard, maps, API integrations and data exports. We offer on demand analyses as well, allowing our clients to use our data and labels or to customize our platform to better fit their business needs.


Our SDK is compatible with all versions of apps and development tools. Our team is very specialized in integrations and offers support to guarantee all details are properly implemented.