Flowsense Profiles

Profile analysis

Access a complete and easy-to-use dashboard and be able to have behavioral and sociodemographic information about your users.

Have aggregated information in a simple way to orient your business decisions.

Find your target audience of each store and know its profiles
Better understand your user and have more business intelligence
Know the profile and the consumption habit from your users based on the places they visit
Visualize e utilize as informações consolidadas de forma simples e direta e oriente suas estratégias de negócio

Create segmentation/clusters

Use Flowsense to create different users segmentations based on their offline profile and achieve higher ROI on your campaigns.

Choose users that visited your stores or visited any point of interest to your business
Segment using demographic variables, such as personal income
Create users groups based on any offline behavior.

Changes in behavior

Feature in Flowsense Profiles that allows you to follow your users’ changes in behavior and life moments, such as alterations in job or place of residence.

Entenda as preferências dos seus usuário através dos hábitos no mundo offline