Place Analytics

Place Analytics is a tool for analyzing locations based on consumer profiles targeting. Conduct on-demand analysis according to your company's needs, and promote more accurate marketing initiatives and expansion strategies.

Count shop visits by user profile;

Identify concentration of consumers at points of interest;

Quantify flow at stores.


With Place Analytics it is possible to characterize the audience that attends a particular place, guiding programmatic marketing actions.

Find the target audience of each point of interest and know their particularities;

Improve the performance of your campaigns by reaching your audience at the right time and in the right place;

Optimize marketing strategies with metrics based on your customers' behaviors in the real world;

Know where to allocate resources and make campaigns.


Place Analytics allows you to view heat maps by locating audiences in target areas, areas of influence, and Origin-Destination reports.

Better plan your expansion strategies, based on geographic analysis;

Locate regions with market potential to open new points-of-sale;

Identify who your competitors' target audience is;

Understand the behavior of your consumers and their relationship with your competitors.